" Thanks to Nuvea, you get the power of the cloud while significantly reducing your costs and your energy consumption "

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 80000 Servers consume as much energy as a city of 50,000 inhabitants 

✔ the electric consumption accounts for up to 70 % of the OPEX  of a data center



Lower the OPEX of your IT infrastructure

✔ Lower your carbon footprint

Green certification of your infrastructure

✔ More than 20% reduction of electric cost with same service level agreement

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Is it possible to optimize simultaneously QoS, cost and power efficiency? Sure it is! Come to know more about the new generation data center, able to integrate and manage its own energy environment.

Atelier NUVEA sur DataCenter Expo 2016

QoS, coûts, performance énergétique sont-ils compatibles pour l'exploitant ?

Est LA question posée pour l'atelier GRDF/NUVEA le 24/03/2016 de 09:45 à 10:30.

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New generation SR (NewGen) will be part of the French official delegation headed byPresident François HOLLANDE who is visiting India/ New Delhi for the National Day

NewGen NUVEA in India with French PR delegation

NewGen is an innovative company specializing in the development of cutting-edge technologies for the Cloud industry.

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